Natural Disasters

When your home or business is damaged by a natural disaster, it's normal to feel scared and confused. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes – you never know what the coming year will bring, but with Innovation Remodeling you can rest assured that when disaster does strike, you have someone reliable to call.


With years of experience performing restorations for damages caused by natural disasters, Innovation Remodeling knows how to efficiently restore your property to its previous - and best - condition.


Will my insurance cover the expense of having my house restored after a natural disaster?


Innovation Remodeling has experience dealing with many of the different insurance companies which cover our homes and businesses. Our experience has shown that there are a number of different factors which affect making a successful claim from natural disaster damage. For example, not all flooding is treated the same by all insurance companies. Many will cover costs related to flooding caused by a broken pipe in the infrastructure of a building, but will not assist you when the flooding is caused by a natural disaster. For people in flood-prone areas, there is usually a special additional policy available which you can opt to buy.


Furthermore, your insurance company probably covers wind related damage (hurricanes) but not the water damage that may come along with it. Depending on the area you are in, you may be eligible to receive beach and windstorm insurance. It is important to know exactly how your insurance company defines water damage and wind damage because many disputes have been made over claims due to these misinterpreted definitions.


The best thing to do is to check your own insurance policy to see what is covered and if you have the option to buy further coverage. Innovation Remodeling can help you make the claim to your provider and we can also point out important factors to consider in the documentation process.